Photographer + Retoucher based in London
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“Max Pigott is one of the brightest of a young generation of British photographers who view the world unfolding around them with a quizzical, detached but strangely incisive way of looking. The images that emerge from this approach are, by turns, marked by crystal clarity - even familiar things appearing as if seen for the first time - or they dissolve into a kind of glazed, introspective abstraction, where highlights and details loom as if recovered from a dream. Everything is invested with potential here, there is no hierarchy of seeing or experience. Rather Pigott's work flows from major to minor key as if tuned to atmospheric variations, inspiration arrives out of thin air and registers in the image as something more dense, tangible yet unexplained. In an age of over-production, and in an image-saturated culture, the prospect of new photography can seem like a curse, but Max Pigott's work is restorative, it reminds us that there is always something there, some new thought to unveil, or some common theme to reawaken with poetic subtlety and integrity. His photographs help us to understand the world and our experience of it as in a continuous process of renewal, and day to day there are still signs of hope and wonder.”

- David Chandler, Director of Photoworks 1997 - 2010